Policy Privacy

Thank you for visiting the website of The Cybertecz. We respect your right to privacy. This is an important aspect of our business. Our company’s ‘Privacy Policy’ is simple: if you do not wish us after visiting our websites, we do not store your personal information with us. This is the broad way to collect our information in such a way. Adding information and storing it automatically

Information we collect

If you visit our website, read the pages and download some information but do not register for any of our services, we automatically store some specific information about your visit. This information can not identify your exact identity. The information that is stored in automated means includes which browser you use (eg, Netscape, Internet Explorer etc.), which operating system you use (eg Windows 98 or Mac OS etc.) and the name of the company that provides you the Internet service (eg. America Online, Satyam Online, Mantra Online, VSNL etc.), the date and time of the visit and the pages you visit. Information about music is deposited. Sometimes we use this non-personal information to improve our website’s design, text, and primarily to provide readers with a high quality browsing experience. Adding Personal Information

Interactive material

We only submit your information only if we give it to you. We collect information such as name, address, email id and your favorite information about a person’s identity. It can be used for various reasons. Eg You can register your name and email ID to get our newsletter or participate in a discussion and send feedback on it. You can give your name, e-mail id, and anyone else’s e-mail ID to use the ‘Email This News’ option. The information you provide will not be provided to any private organization or private person. Adding information from a third person or from a website

Disclosure of information

Our website is sometimes provided with links to other websites. The privacy policy of these websites may be different from our policy. Visitors to these websites should carefully investigate the privacy policy of those sites. We have no control over their policy.

Information security

The ads we see on our webpage are accepted by a reputed third party (third party). While placing these advertisements these thirds may place some cookies on your browser. You can collect information about the webpage you visit (not including your name, address, e-mail etc.). It’s used to deliver advertisements for your favorite goods or services to you. Connecting to other websites

Links to other websites

Our website is linked to other websites in the World Wide Web (www). We do not have the capability to preserve the personal privacy of these sites. The right to use any of the information provided by you when you exit the web site and access these web sites will be as per the policy of personal privacy of the website you are using. So, we suggest that you read their strategy of preserving their personal privacy and take further action.

Information correction

For Correction and Modification You can Contact with us via Mail: [email protected]