Spring Boot Interview Questions | Most Asked Questions For Interview

Spring Boot Interview Questions
Spring Boot Interview Questions

Spring Boot Interview Questions | Most Asked Questions For Interview

Are you thinking of pursuing your career as a Java Developer? Are you searching for an appropriate QnA set to prepare for your interviews? Here is an article on Spring Boot Interview Questions which discusses the top 20 questions

Spring Boot Interview Questions Set 1

#1 Explain the term ‘Spring Boot’.

It is a Spring module that offers Rapid Application Development to Spring framework. Spring module is used to create an application based on Spring framework which requires to configure few Spring files.

#2 Mention some advantages of Spring Boot

Here are some major advantages of using spring-boot:

  • Helps you to create a stand-alone application, which can be started using java.jar.
  • It offers pinpointedโ€˜started’ POMs to Maven configuration.
  • Allows you to Embed Undertow, Tomcat, or Jetty directly.
  • Helps you to configure spring whenever possible automatically.

#3 How to create Spring Boot application using Maven?

There are multiple approaches to create the Spring Boot project. We can use any of the following approaches to create an application.

  • Spring Maven Project
  • Spring Starter Project Wizard
  • Spring Initializr
  • Spring Boot CLI

#4 What are the features of Spring Boot?

  • Web Development
  • SpringApplication
  • Application events and listeners
  • Admin features
  • Starter dependency
  • Auto-configuration

#5 Mention the minimum requirements for a Spring boot System

Spring Boot 2.1.7.RELEASE requires

  • Java 8 +
  • Spring Framework 5.1.9 +

Explicit build support

  • Maven 3.3+
  • Gradle 4.4+

Servlet Container Support

  • Tomcat 9.0 โ€“ Servlet Version 4.0
  • Jetty 9.4 โ€“  Servlet Version 3.1
  • Undertow 2.0 โ€“ Servlet Version 4.0

#6 What are the commands to run and stop Spring Boot executable jar file?

You need to open cmd or shell window command and use

java -jar


$ java -jar myproject-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

To stop use ctrl+C

#7 What is thymeleaf?

It is a server-side Java template engine for web applications. Its main goal is to bring elegant natural templates to your web application.

It can be integrated with Spring Framework and ideal for HTML5 Java web applications.

#8 How to use thymeleaf?

In order to use Thymeleaf, we must add it into our pom.xml file like:


#9 Explain different phases of the RAD model.

This is a frequently asked job interview. Various phases of RAD mode are:

  • Business Modeling: Based on the flow of information and distribution between various business channels, the product is designed.
  • Data Modeling: The information collected from business modeling is refined into a set of data objects that are significant for the business.
  • Application Generation: Automated tools are used for the construction of the software, to convert process and data models into prototypes. This is an important Spring Boot Interview Questions

#10 What is the RAD model?

RAD or Rapid Application Development process is an adoption of the waterfall model; it targets developing software in a short period. RAD follow the iterative

SDLC RAD model has the following phases:

  • Business Modeling
  • Data Modeling
  • Process Modeling
  • Application Generation
  • Testing and Turnover

#11 How does Spring enable creating production-ready applications in quick time?

Spring Boot aims to enable production-ready applications in a quick time. Spring Boot provides a few non-functional features out of the box like caching, logging, monitoring, and embedded servers.

  • spring-boot-starter-actuator – To use advanced features like monitoring & tracing to your application out of the box
  • spring-boot-starter-undertow, spring-boot-starter-jetty, spring-boot-starter-tomcat – To pick your specific choice of Embedded Servlet Container
  • spring-boot-starter-logging – For Logging using log back
  • spring-boot-starter-cache – Enabling Spring Frameworkโ€™s caching support

#12 Can you explain what happens in the background when a Spring Boot Application is โ€œRun as Java Applicationโ€?

When a Spring Boot application is executed as โ€œRun as Java applicationโ€, then it automatically launches up the tomcat server as soon as it sees, that you are developing a web application. This is an important Spring Boot Interview Questions

#13  What are the Spring Boot starters and what are available the starters?

Spring Boot starters are a set of convenient dependency management providers that can be used in the application to enable dependencies. These starters, make development easy and rapid. All the available starters come under the org.springframework.boot group. Few of the popular starters are as follows:

#14 Explain Spring Data

Spring Data aims to make it easy for developers to use relational and non-relational databases, cloud-based data services, and other data access technologies. So, basically, it makes it easy for data access and still retains the underlying data. This is an important Spring Boot Interview Questions

#15 What are the steps to connect an external database like MySQL or Oracle?

To connect an external database, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Start by adding the dependency for MySQL Connector to pom.xml
  • Then remove H2 Dependency from pom.xml
  • Now, set up your MySQL database and configure your connection to the MySQL database
  • Restart your project

#16 How do you Configure Log4j for logging?

Since Spring Boot supports Log4j2 for logging a configuration, you have to exclude Logback and include Log4j2 for logging. This can be only done if you are using the starter’s project.

#17 What is DevTools in Spring Boot?

Spring Boot DevTools helps you to increase the productivity of the developer. So, you don’t require to redeploy your application every time you make the changes. It allows the developer to reload changes without the need for restarting the server.

#18 How to enable HTTP/2 support in Spring Boot

You can enable the HTTP/2 support in Spring Boot by: server.http2.enabled=true

#19 What is a shutdown in the actuator?

A shutdown is an endpoint that helps the application to be shut down properly. This feature is not enabled by default.

However, you can use it by setting command: management.endpoint.shutdown.enabled=true in your application.properties file.

#20 Is it possible to replace or override the Embedded Tomcat server in Spring Boot?

Yes, it is possible to replace the Embedded Tomcat with any other servers by using the starter dependencies. For that, you can use spring-boot-starter-jetty or as a dependency for according you to your need.

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