Django Interview Questions – Most Asked Interview Question

Django Interview Questions
Django Interview Questions

Django Interview Questions – Most Asked Interview Question

Django Interview Questions – Set 1

#1 What is Django?

Django is a free and open-source web application framework, written in Python. It is a server-side web framework that provides rapid development of secure and maintainable websites.

#2 Explain the architecture of Django?

Django is based on MVC architecture. It contains the following layers:

Models: It describes the database schema and data structure.

Views: The view layer is a user interface. It controls what a user sees, the view retrieves data from appropriate models and execute any calculation made to the data and pass it to the template.

Templates: It determines how the user sees it. It describes how the data received from the views should be changed or formatted for display on the page.

Controller: Controller is the heart of the system. It handles requests and responses, setting up database connections, and loading add-ons. It specifies the Django framework and URL parsing.

 #3 Name some companies that make use of Django?

Some of the companies that make use of Django are Instagram, DISCUS, Mozilla Firefox, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

#4  What are the features available in the Django web framework?

Features available in Django web framework are:

Admin Interface (CRUD)
Form handling
The session, user management, role-based permissions
Object-relational mapping (ORM)
Testing Framework
Fantastic Documentation

#5 What are the advantages of using Django for web development?

1. It facilitates you to divide code modules into logical groups to make it flexible to change.
2. It provides auto-generated web admin to make website administration easy.
3. It provides pre-packaged API for common user tasks.
4. It provides a template system to define the HTML template for your web page to avoid code duplication.
5. It enables you to define what URL is for a given function.
6. It enables you to separate business logic from the HTML.

#6 What is the difference between a project and an app in Django?

In Django, a project is an entire application and an app is a module inside the project that deals with one specific requirement. E.g., if the entire project is an e-commerce site, then inside the project we will have several apps, such as the retail site app, the buyer site app, the shipment site app, etc.

#7 What is a model in Django?

A model is a Python class in Django that is derived from the django.db.models.Model class. A model is used in Django to represent a table in a database. It is used to interact with and get results from the database tables of our application. this is the most important Django Interview Questions

#8 What are the features of Django? 

  • SEO Optimized
  • Extremely fast
  • Fully loaded framework that comes along with authentications, content administrations, RSS feeds, etc
  • Very secure thereby helping developers avoid common security mistakes such as cross-site request forgery (csrf), clickjacking, cross-site scripting, etc
  • It is exceptionally scalable which in turn helps meet the heaviest traffic demands
  • Immensely versatile which allows you to develop any kind of websites

#9  Briefly explain Django Field Class.

 ‘Field’ is basically an abstract class that actually represents a column in the database table. The Field class, is in turn, a subclass of  RegisterLookupMixin. In Django, these fields are used to create database tables (db_type()) which are used to map Python types to the database using get_prep_value() and vice versa using from_db_value() methodTherefore, fields are fundamental pieces in different Django APIs such as models and querysets.

#10  Is Django stable?

Yes, Django is quite stable. Many companies like Instagram, Discus, Pinterest, and Mozilla have been using Django for a duration of many years now. Not just this, Websites that are built using Django have weathered traffic spikes of over 50 thousand hits per second.

#11 What are the inheritance styles in Django?

There are three possible inheritance styles in Django:

1) Abstract base classes: This style is used when you only want the parent’s class to hold information that you don’t want to type out for each child model.

2) Multi-table Inheritance: This style is used if you are sub-classing an existing model and need each model to have its database table.

3) Proxy models: This style is used, if you only want to modify the Python level behavior of the model, without changing the model’s fields.

#12 How can you set up static files in Django?

There are three main things required to set up static files in Django:


2) run collect static

3) set up a Static Files entry on the PythonAnywhere web tab

#13 What do Django field class types do?

The Django field class types specify:

  • The database column type.
  • The default HTML widget to avail while rendering a form field.
  • The minimal validation requirements used in the Django admin.
  • Automatic generated forms.

#14 What are the signals in Django?

Signals are pieces of code that contain information about what is happening. A dispatcher is used to sending the signals and listen for those signals. this is the most important Django Interview Questions

#15 What is Django Exception?

An exception is an abnormal event that leads to program failure. To deal with this situation, Django uses its exception classes and supports all core Python exceptions as well. Django core exceptions classes are defined in django.core.exceptions module.

#16 Is Django a CMS?

Django is not a CMS (content-management-system) . It is just a Web framework, a tool that allows you to build websites.

#17 Does Django support NoSQL?

NoSQL basically stands for “not only SQL”. This is considered as an alternative to the traditional RDBMS or the relational Databases.  Officially, Django does not support NoSQL databases. However, there are third-party projects, such as Django non-rel, that allow NoSQL functionality in Django. Currently, you can use MongoDB and Google App Engine.

#18 Does Django support multiple-column Primary Keys?

No. Django only supports single-column Primary Keys.

#19 What are views in Django?

A view in Django is a class and/or a function that receives a request and returns a response. The view is usually associated with URL patterns, and the logic encapsulated in a view is run when a request to the URL associated with it is run. A view, among other things, gets data from the database using models, passes that data to the templates, and sends back the rendered template to the user as an HttpResponse.

#20 Explain how you can create a project in Django?

To start a project in Django, you use command $ and then use the command

#21 What is the use of the session framework in Django?

The session framework facilitates you to store and retrieve arbitrary data on a per-site visitor basis. It stores data on the server-side and abstracts the receiving and sending of cookies. The session can be implemented through a piece of middleware.

#22 Explain Django Admin Interface?

The Django Admin interface is a predefined interface made to fulfill the need of web developers as they won’t need to make another admin panel which is time-consuming and expensive.

Django Admin is an application imported from django.contrib packages. It is operated by the organization itself and thus doesn’t need the extensive frontend.

The admin interface of Django has its own user authentication and most of the general features. It also offers lots of advanced features like authorization access, managing different models, CMS (Content Management System), etc. this is the most important Django Interview Questions

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