Facebook Career: Facebook Plans To Hire New Remote Workers From July

Facebook Career
Facebook Career

Facebook Career: Facebook Plans To Hire New Remote Workers From July

Facebook career: Company plans to hire new remote workers from July, expand presence in more cities.

During the lockdown, a recent announcement by Facebook one of the largest social media companies will begin opening up its candidate pool to remote workers this summer, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday during an employee townhall live-streamed to the public on the social networking platform.

The young CEO further added that Facebook expects half of its employees to work from home or work remotely in the next five to ten years. The existing workers who are already working remotely can continue to do so till they want to.

Facebook had more than 48,000 global staff at the end of March. The social network, which closed its Menlo Park, California, offices in early March due to the coronavirus outbreak, has already told employees that they can work from home through the end of the year. Zuckerberg shared the remote hiring plans with workers Thursday.

Facebook career and other corona pandemic have created an unprecedented situation for business continuity. For tech organizations like Facebook, it was relatively easier to switch too remote working. More than 95% of Facebook staff are working from home.

Remote hiring, according to Zuckerberg, comes with several benefits, such as an extended talent pool, as well as increased racial, ethnic, and ideological diversity of the workforce.

Facebook Inc. plans to hire more remote workers in areas where the company doesnโ€™t have an office and let some current employees work from home permanently if theyโ€™d like to.

As part of the remote working effort, Facebook has decided to actively recruit people for remote positions by early July. The new hiring will primarily be for senior engineering roles. The hiring will take place in two phases. Facebook has not identified how new roles will open up by the summer.

Along with Twitter and Square Inc., Facebook career is the latest, and probably the largest tech company to announce a full or partial move towards permanent remote working, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook career had more than 48,000 global staff at the end of March.

In Facebook career employees who wish to work remotely, and are approved to do so, will be paid based on their new location, Zuckerberg added. That means employees who move to areas with a lower cost of living than the Bay Area would likely take a pay cut.

However, there will be certain changes in the salary structures for remote workers. Employees who wish to work remotely will be paid based on their new location.

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