IBM Mega Hiring To Hire 500 Employees In India

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IBM Mega Hiring

IBM Mega Hiring to hire 500 employees in India

While many IT service firms are struggling with the cashflow and laying off people to cut down on expenses, the American IT conglomerate, IBM is hiring for 500 positions in India.

IBM put out over 500 job openings in India on its LinkedIn page in the last one week and over 200 new opportunities in just the last 24 hours, an indication that India continues to be the mainstay for the $77-billion technology company. About a third of their workforce of 350,000 employees is in India.

IBM Mega Hiring

In IBM Mega Hiring the open positions are for roles including people managers, middleware administrators, data scientists, incident management, cloud architects, and network architects. IBM India’s career page has 566 job openings. In the US, there are only 91 new positions

“IBM and other major IT services businesses remain in need of India’s significant IT talent pool, especially given an ongoing struggle to find sufficient staff in the US and Europe. Above all, the increased hiring could be done to reduce labor costs. IBM is facing heavy competition as it seeks to win upcoming outsourcing contracts, plus many IBM clients have moved into a cost reduction mode”, said Rod Bourgeois, head of research in DeepDive Equity Research.

However, the American workforce is unhappy about the way IBM has stepped up IBM Mega Hiring in India over the US.

The IBM Mega Hiring is happening alongside layoffs. The company, whose annual revenue has been trending down since 2012, has been restructuring to focus on cloud and cognitive computing. Cloud capabilities received a big boost with the acquisition of Red Hat last year. The layoffs are seen to be of those who lack the skills IBM now wants to focus on and cannot be reskilled to those new requirements.

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