Is Career in Blockchain a Better Option? Expected Salary

Career in Blockchain
Career in Blockchain

Is Career in Blockchain a Better Option? Expected Salary

Choosing a Career in Blockchain can be a better option, Blockchain is among the fastest-growing technologies in the market. Blockchain, hyper ledger technology has a great number of applications in banking, insurance. And tech domain and is expected to continue to top the list of most in-demand skills.

As this technology is relatively new, finding resources with a technical background or coding skills in the blockchain is quite challenging.

So, if you are determined to build a career in blockchain, then this guide is definitely for you. Today, Iโ€™ll let you know how to build a career in blockchain.

How to build a career in blockchain

  • Learn About the Fundamentals and Basics
  • Start Developing Your Cross-discipline Broad Skills
  • Understand How Different Blockchain Platform Works
  • Be a Technology and Business Acumen
  • Gain Knowledge of Decentralized and Distributed Ledgers
  • Learn About Enterprise Business Processes
  • Learn to Simplify

A career in Blockchain: Are These Jobs Available?

Did you know that there is a Blockchain job site? If you didnโ€™t, check out Crypto Jobs List as it advertises vacancies in management, marketing, community, design, and many other roles.

If you want to be successful in a crypto career in Blockchain, do the following:

  1. Get certified
  2. Keep up to date with industry trends
  3. Be flexible; these careers come in many forms
  4. Love crypto and blockchain (I feel like that one goes without saying).

A career in Blockchain: Who Is Hiring

First of all, letโ€™s explore who these potential employers are. There are four significant players in the crypto job market, these are:

  • Industries โ€“ these are big companies like banks, accountancy firms, oil & gas, insurance, retailer as well as law offices that want to keep up with the technology.
  • Startups โ€“ these are independent businesses and products created since the invention of Blockchain.
  • Tech firms โ€“ these are the companies that have the most to lose in case Blockchain tech takes over the world. As they try to shift to a decentralized system, they need all the expertise they can gather.
  • Governments โ€“  many governments have been hiring crypto experts to advise them. Several governments are warming up to Blockchain due to its many advantages; Blockchain professionals are in high demand.

6 Reasons to choose Career in Blockchain:

  1. Better Pay
  2. Greater Hire Rate
  3. Less Competition
  4. Global Revolution
  5. Exclusive Job Positions
  6. Enterprise Environment
  7. Future Proof

A career in Blockchain: Salary

Usually, the salary of a Blockchain Developer in India ranges anywhere between Rs.147k to 1021k PA. As is visible, the higher your experience and the more profound your skillset, the higher will be your yearly compensation. Also, the salary package depends on whether or not a candidate has advanced certifications and the job position as well (entry-level, mid-level, senior-level).

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