Wipro Recruitment Process: Wipro Test Pattern For Recruitment

Wipro NLTH 2021 Eligibility Criteria
Wipro NLTH 2021 Eligibility Criteria

Wipro Recruitment Process: Wipro Test Pattern For Recruitment

In this blog, you will get the all of facts about Wipro Recruitment Process Including Aptitude Tests, Interview, Salary Details.

There will be total 7 sections in the exam:

  • Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • Verbal
  • Coding
  • Written Test
  • Technical Round
  • HR Round

Roles Offered:

  • The roles offered by wipro for this exam are
    • Project Engineer (PE)
    • Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET)

Exam Pattern:

  • The Pattern for this exam is different for Grade A Colleges that are the Top hundred colleges of india and also different exam pattern for Grade B Colleges, Just rest of the colleges in india.
  • Exam will have no negative marketing but it is adaptive in nature for Grade A Colleges the following will be the sections

Exam Pattern For Grade A Colleges:

SectionNo. of QuestionsTime Duration
Quantitative16 16 Mins
Logical 1414 Mins
Verbal2218 Mins
Written120 Mins
Coding245 Mins
TechnicalF2F25 Mins
HR RoundF2F10 Mins

Quantitative Section:

  • In which there will be three questions at least from Logarithms
  • 2 Questions from Profit & Loss
  • 2 Questions from Time & Work
  • The Cut off will be around 13 Questions

Logical Section:

  • The Selection Cut off of around 10-11 Questions
  • Detailed Syllabus of Logical Section Check here

Verbal Section:

Written Section:

  • Written Communication Test has 50% weightage
  • In which you have to write a long paragraph on particular topic for e.g last month the topic was like Whether demonetization is Good or Bad.
  • If you do really well in this section and you’e among the top 10% students then you may also stand to chance to upgrade your profile with Wipro Turbo Profile which has 2x salary offer
  • Detailed Syllabus of Written Section Check here

Coding Round:

  • In which round there will be two questions one will be easy and other will be difficult
  • There will surely be a question on pattern making program
  • You have to answer at least one correctly to move on to the next round
  • Detailed Syllabus of Coding Round Check here

Exam Pattern For Grade B Colleges:

  • The Exam pattern for the Grade B Colleges remains the same but the numbers of questions changed Like
    • Verbal 15 Questions
    • Logical and Quants are merged together as Analytical Section
    • Analytical Section has 15 Questions
    • The Total time for all the section is 60 mins
  • After again there will be coding round
  • And finally you have the Written Communication Test

Technical Interview Round:

  • As we discussed earlier there will be two round of like Technical Expert Interview and HR Interview
  • In which the interviewer asks the questions based on your resume
  • The Interview might asks some questions on coding like Matrix Addition, Printing Star Pattern or Recursion etc.
  • The CS/IT Branches can except the questions on the basics of Waterfall Model, SDLC Like Cycle, DBMS, DSA and OOPS Concepts.
  • The Non CS/IT students can except the questions from your Favorite Subjects of Engineering.
  • For coding questions the preferred language like C or C++ like What is the use of While Loop and What is use of String.h Function.
  • At finally they will ask you question on your final year project so make sure that you should know the details about your project.

HR Round:

Once you clear the Technical round, you will move to the HR Round.

In HR Round they will ask the question on following key points

  • Relocation
  • 5 Year Vision
  • Family Details
  • Certifications
  • Strength/Weakness
  • Can work under pressure or not

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