Google Certification Courses 100,000 Scholarships For Online Certificates

Google Certification Courses
Google Certification Courses

Google Certification Courses 100,000 Scholarships For Online Certificates

The Tech Giant Google announces Google certification courses and 100,000 scholarships to help workers find jobs during coronavirus pandemic and also says that no experience or degree is required for the Coursera Google Scholarship. 

Google announced this week three new certificate programs in data analytics, project management, and user experience (UX) design.

By the Google certification courses ‘ end, students will have created hands-on projects to build their portfolio and will receive a certificate of completion. In the release, Walker states that Goggle will consider the certification as “equivalent of a four-year degree” for job seekers. 

1. Data Analytics

Google says that data analysts can earn $66,000 a year (median) and analyze data and make data-driven recommendations to inform essential business decisions. The certificate provides the tools for โ€œnavigating the data lifecycle using tools and platforms to process, analyze, visualize and gain insights from data.โ€

2. Project Management

Google says that project managers can earn $93,000 a year (median) and help plan and oversee projects efficiently. Google says this online certificate focuses on โ€œthe foundations of traditional project management, while also offering insight into agile project management.โ€

3. User Experience (UX) Design

Google says a UX designer can earn $75,000 a year (median) and help create a simpler, more accessible, and more enjoyable experience for users. Google says this online certificate provides โ€œthe foundations of UX design and research, building low-fidelity designs and wireframes, creating high-fidelity prototypes and testing.โ€

Note: Google will treat these online Google certification courses as the equivalent of a four-year degree. Yes, the equivalent of a four-year degree if you apply for a related role at Google.

The certificates are created and taught by Google employees, do not require a college degree, can be completed in three to six months, and are offered through the online learning platform Coursera.

To take these programs, a college degree or work experience is not required and is priced atย $49 i.e. INR 3666/- ย a month.

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