Job Security Tips: How To Secure Your Job? Covid Impact On Jobs

Job Security tips
Job Security tips

Job Security Tips: How To Secure Your Job? Covid Impact On Jobs

In this blog, we are going to discuss Job Security tips. How to secure your job?

Over 122 million people in India lost their jobs in April, according to estimates from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. Around 75% of them were small traders and wage-laborers.

India’s unemployment rate is now at a record high of 27.1%, according to the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE).

However, India doesnโ€™t release official jobs data. But CMIE data is widely accepted. The country has been in lockdown since 25 March to curb Covid-19 infections, causing mass layoffs and heavy job losses.

So how secure your job is? What is job security?

Job security is the assurance that you’ll keep your job without the risk of becoming unemployed. Your job could be secured through terms of an employment contract, collective bargaining agreement or labor legislation that prevents arbitrary termination. For instance,  where there is no job security, employees are at high risk of losing their jobs.

Job Security tips: How to secure your job

These are few Job Security tips shared to increase your Job security.

  • Know how to communicate with your manager: Having unclogged, clear lines of communication with your manager will help prevent any small issues from developing into larger, career-ending problems.
  • Understand manager and company goals: ย Making yourself into an indispensable member of a team means proactively addressing problems. If you can come up with a solution to a problem or a new way to address a stated goal, then thatโ€™s one less thing for your supervisor to think about.
  • Stay on top of commitments: Everyone will let something slip professionally at one point or another. The hope, however, is to stay on top of commitments and projects as much as possible. Try not to let anything fall through the cracks, and be willing to own up when you do.
  • Stand out: Try to always produce work that goes beyond the minimum requirements. If you want to be recognized for your superior performance, then make sure youโ€™re giving your best effort on every (or nearly every) project that comes your way.
  • Use your expertise: Find your expertise and then find ways to show it off. If you donโ€™t feel you have expertise in an area, then pick something you enjoy doing in your position and become an expert. You can always learn new skills if you put your mind to it.
  • Grow your skillset:ย  As your career develops, so too should your skillset. Develop your skills both in and outside of the workplace, by taking classes, practicing new skills, and dusting off old ones.
  • Be willing to help others:ย  Wouldnโ€™t it be better to stand out alone than stand out in a group? However, it always helps to have coworkers who will advocate for your skills, and who are willing to help you back.

Job Security tips: 5 Signs That Your Job is Safe

  1. Youโ€™re overwhelmed with requests and questions
  2. Your boss relies on you
  3. You deliver something unique and important
  4. Youโ€™re a key
  5. Youโ€™ve been told that youโ€™re safe

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