Corona Effect: 86% Fear Job Losses As Coronavirus Scare Mounts According To Survey

Corona Effect
Corona Effect

Corona Effect: 86% Fear Job Losses As Coronavirus Scare Mounts According To Survey

As in the previous post we mentioned what is the Corona Effect on Hiring Jobs? However, a survey has found a vast majority of the citizens — 86 percent of those polled to be precise. They are worried about losing their jobs and livelihoods due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, a vast majority of those polled (84 percent) not only believe that the epidemic is still in its early stages and also rapidly accelerating. However, those in the US, which is the worst hit with over 68,000 deaths and over 1.3 million infections, Britain and Australia believe the pandemic is tapering off, but this also seems a worst Corona Effect. Hongkongers believe the virus is already tamed.

According to Atul Jhamb, chairman of Crosby Textor India, a part of the London-based parent that specializes in opinion polls, strategic communications and a corporate and political advisory. “despite being satisfied with the government efforts to contain the virus, as much as 86 percent Indians have a high level of concern of losing their livelihood and employment due to the pandemic, which is higher than their peers elsewhere.

While 84 percent of Indians are very happy with the government handling the pandemic. This is a low 43 percent in the US, 56 percent in Britain, and 53 percent in Hong Kong while 71 percent in Australia.

In conclusion, an expectation of a return to normalcy from the Corona Effect. The vast majority of them are optimistic and believe normal life will return in two to four months.

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