Does COVID 19 Impact on Your Career? What To Do?

COVID 19 Impact
COVID 19 Impact

Does COVID 19 Impact on Your Career? What To Do?

COVID 19 impact on jobs, In other words, almost every industry. It has created a negative effect on many Employees.

The lethal coronavirus pandemic has not just created a medical emergency but also an employment crisis across the country.

Hiring halted:

As per a PTI report, hiring activity during March has declined by 18 percent compared to the same month in 2019 following the nationwide lockdown to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, with major impact in cities like Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, according to Naukri JobSpeak Index.

Sectors impacted:

The decline in hiring activity is led by industries like hotel, restaurants, travel, airlines (56 percent), retail (50 percent), auto and ancillary (38 percent), pharmaceutical (26 percent), insurance (11 percent), accounting and finance (10 percent), IT-software (9 percent) and BFSI (9 percent).

The impact COVID 19 seems hazardous, but as per the assumption of the SEIR model and hybrid model the impact, COVID 19 will end till August.

What to do?

The more skills you gain, the more choices you have“, no matter whether it is COVID 19 impact, or any other impact.

The first order of business is making sure your skills are evolving with the needs of your company. Skills help improve the better version of you. It can also help in your current job to get permission.

The good news is that โ€œre-skillingโ€ is getting easier. Last month, Coursera Inc. said it will offer unemployed workers free access to 3,800 online courses. E-learning is relevant for people whoโ€™ve kept their jobs, too.

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