Salesforce Admin Interview Questions | Most Asked Questions For Interview

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions
Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions | Most Asked Questions For Interview

Salesforce admin interview questions

#1 What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a kind of outsourcing of computer programs. Using cloud computing, users are able to access software and applications from wherever they are; the computer programs are being hosted by an outside party and reside in the cloud. This means that users do not have to worry about things such as storage and power, they can simply enjoy the end result.

Cloud computing is shared pools of configurable computer system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale, similar to a public utility.

#2 What are different types of cloud computing?

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  2. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  3. Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The branch of cloud computing that allows users to develop, run, and manage applications without having to get caught up in code, storage, infrastructure, and so on.

There are several types of PaaS. Every PaaS option is either public, private, or a hybrid mix of the two. Public PaaS is hosted in the cloud, and its infrastructure is managed by the provider. Private PaaS, on the other hand, is housed in onsite servers or private networks and is maintained by the user. Hybrid PaaS uses elements from both public and private and is capable of executing applications from multiple cloud infrastructures.

#4 What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Using the cloud, software such as an internet browser or application is able to become a usable tool.

#5 What is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

A third party hosts elements of infrastructure, such as hardware, software, servers, and storage, also providing backup, security, and maintenance.

Salesforce admin interview questions

#6 Expand CRM and explain.

The expansion of CRM is โ€˜Customer Relationship Management.โ€™

CRM is an application that helps automate or digitize marketing functions. With this software, companies can plan to increase their profits and revenues. This strategy of incrementing revenue and profit is made by attracting customers, clients, and sales. The important concept of CRM is customer value.

There are four CRM initiatives as below:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Customer churn
  • Customer win-back

#7 What are some CRM provider

  • Salesforce CRM.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Oracle CRM.
  • SAP CRM.
  • Sage CRM.
  • NetSuite CRM.
  • Oracle CRM on Demand.
  • SugarCRM.

#8 Distinguish between and

Both are relatively the same but different in their functionality.

  • helps build CRM-functionality-based applications, e.g., an iPhone โ€˜appโ€™ that stores contact details, makes phone calls, and has all the other standard functions of a phone.
  • is used to customize a data model and a user interface, e.g., an iPhone OS environment that can build and run apps.

#9 What are the available portals in Salesforce?

Three types of portals are available in

  • Customer portal: It enables us to utilize the capabilities of the web as the ideal channel to deliver superior self-service.
  • Partner portal: It allows partner users to log in to Salesforce via a separate website than that is used for our non-partner users.
  • Self-service portal: Customers will be able to search for details about the organization using this portal.

#10 What is App in Salesforce?

The app means an Application. In Salesforce an Application consists a group of tabs that are designed to work as a single function. We have a number of applications in some of them are sales, marketing, chatter,,, etc.

We can create new applications and also customization for the existing apps in To create new app in sfdc go to Setup=>Build=>Create=>App.

#11 What is External lookup? 

External lookup An external lookup relationship links a child standard, custom, or external object to a parent external object. When you create an external lookup relationship field, the standard External ID field on the parent external object is matched against the values of the childโ€™s external lookup relationship field. External object field values come from an external data source. This is an important Kotlin Interview Questions

#12 What is role hierarchy?

It gives access to users higher in the hierarchy to all records owned by users below them in the hierarchy. Role hierarchies donโ€™t have to match your organization chart exactly. Instead, each role in the hierarchy should represent a level of data access that a user or group of users needs.

#13 What is Profile?

Each user has a single profile that controls which data and features that the user has access to. A profile is a collection of settings and permissions. Profile settings determine which data the user can see, and permissions determine what the user can do with that data.

  • The settings in a userโ€™s profile determine whether she can see a particular app, tab, field, or record type.
  • The permissions in a userโ€™s profile determine whether she can create or edit records of a given type, run reports, and customize the app.

Profiles usually match up with a userโ€™s job function (for example, system administrator, recruiter, or hiring manager), but you can have profiles for anything that makes sense for your Salesforce org. A profile can be assigned to many users, but a user can have only one profile at a time.

#14 What are standard profiles?

  • Read Only
  • Standard User
  • Marketing User
  • Contract Manager
  • System Administrator

Salesforce admin interview questions

#15 What is Workflow? 

Workflow rules are the automated process used in the business process to send Email Alerts, Assign a Task, Update a field on rule criteria, or action based criteria requirements.

#16 What are the types of Workflow actions?

  • Task โ€“ Assign a Task
  • Email Alert: Send an Email.
  • Field update: Update a Field.
  • Outbound Message: Send an Outbound Message to External System.

#17 What is Escalation Rules?

Escalation Rules,  Automatically escalate cases to the right people when the cases arenโ€™t solved by a certain time.

#18 What is Chatter in Salesforce?

Chatter is a Salesforce real-time collaboration application that lets your users work together, talk to each other, and share information.

#19 What is a roll-up summary field?

A roll-up summary field calculates values from related records, such as those in a related list. You can create a roll-up summary field to display a value in a master record based on the values of fields in a detailed record. The detailed record must be related to the master through a master-detail relationship. For example, you want to display the sum of invoice amounts for all related invoice custom object records in an accountโ€™s Invoices related list. You can display this total in a custom account field called Total Invoice Amount. 

#20 What is an Indirect lookup?

Indirect lookup An indirect lookup relationship links a child’s external object to a parent standard or custom object. When you create an indirect lookup relationship field on an external object, you specify the parent object field and the child object field to match and associate records in the relationship. Specifically, you select a custom unique, external ID field on the parent object to match against the childโ€™s indirect lookup relationship field, whose values come from an external data source.

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